How I went from ‘broke girl’ to helping thousands of millennials in Africa invest in businesses that drive Africa’s economic growth.


My Investment journey started when I realized I did not own any assets after working really hard for 4 years in a management consulting firm. 

I  got accepted to do my MBA program in 2011 and my ‘no-tangible-wealth’ status a hit home.

Right after my MBA program in 2013,  I co-founded an investment club with four friends and this has taken me on an investment journey filled with gain and loss lessons.

Three years into operating our investment club, we started to receive quite a number of requests to join our investment club. We were not so keen on accepting new members.  That’s why I decided to build a framework to teach, anyone interested in learning, how to start an investment club.

My website is focused on sharing my hard-learned money lessons on how to spend less, earn from multiple streams of income, make better investment decisions and best practices on how to invest successfully with others.

Professional profile 

Tomie Balogun is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) and the leading expert on how to start, manage and grow investment clubs. She created the investment club framework (TM) to help young working professionals take advantage of the power of many in Africa and build wealth in the process.

Tomie’s career spans four (4) industries: Value Added Technology, Telecommunications, Management Consulting and Banking.

She had a stint with the International Financial Corporation (IFC), an arm of the World Bank Group, as a consultant advising on investing in the manufacturing and agribusiness sectors in Nigeria.

Prior to that, she was on an accelerated leadership program in Bharti Airtel for selected young African leaders who showed immense promise. Bharti Airtel is a leading global telecommunications company with operations in 20 countries.

In a bid to get serious about wealth planning and making a difference, she co-founded Midas Capital (started as her investment club) in 2013 and so far has helped multiple other investment clubs get started successfully in Nigeria.

Her company, Vestract, is a financial education and technology company. Vestract works with young professionals and explores the use of technology to scale its operations.

With Individuals, the digital platform, The Green Investment club provides courses that teaches millennials in Africa how to put money to work and collaborate with investment clubs. She also works with investment clubs in her network. The investment clubs in her network have invested over $5m in SMEs in Africa. With Fintech, she is set to launch a digital platform , Twelvevest ,a persona l finance tool that offers credible investment opportunities, provides an easy way to keep track of all your investments in Nigeria  opportunities and reduce poverty.

Tomie volunteers at Afara Leadership Centre, a centre created for young female college students to learn necessary leadership and entrepreneurial skills not typically taught in the Nigerian education curriculum. She also served as a mentor on the Microsoft Insiders4good program for entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Whilst not working, she admits to being an internet research addict and absolutely enjoys reading and spending time with family.


Tomie holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and is an MBA graduate of the prestigious Lagos Business School (LBS).

She is a speaker and has been featured on various media platforms including Arise Africa TV, Punch Newspaper, She Leads Africa, Business Day Newspapers, Bella Naija etc. She also speaks at corporate organisations and has been invited to speak by organisations such as the Shell Nigeria Women Network, British High Commission in Nigeria and Pal Pension Ltd

Tomie is the author of the book, Investment Clubs – how to create wealth beyond your pay-cheque by investing with others. Her book was featured as the No.1 new release in the crowd funding category when it was launched on Amazon in May 2018 and ranked No. 6 in the Amazon bestsellers rank



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