How I went from ‘broke girl’ to helping thousands of millennials in Africa invest in businesses that drive Africa’s economic growth.


My Investment journey started when I woke up to the fact I did not own any assets after working really hard for 4+ years in a management consulting firm. 

I got accepted to do my MBA program and my ‘no-tangible-wealth’ status hit home.

Right after my MBA program, I co-founded an investment club with four friends and this has taken me on an investment journey filled with gain and loss lessons.

Three years into operating our investment club, we started to receive quite a number of requests to join our investment club. We were not so keen on accepting new members.  That’s why I decided to build a framework to teach, anyone interested in learning, how to start an investment club. Over time, that idea has evolved into a top financial education and technology company in West Africa that has educated 60,000+ millennials

Our work through different mediums is focused on sharing investment lessons on how to spend less, earn from multiple streams of income, make better investment decisions , invest during a pandemic and best practices on how to invest successfully with others.

Professional profile 

Tomie Balogun is a leading expert in investment with excellent competence in helping young working professionals build wealth. She has a proven track record of helping people pay off debts and build investment portfolios seamlessly.

With a career of over 15 years spanning across investment advisory, fin-tech, value-added technology, telecommunications, and management consulting, she is indeed a force to reckon with in Africa’s financial services industry.

In management consulting, she dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s as a business analyst at Alliance Consulting and at the International Financial Corporation (IFC), she was a sought-after consultant.

Tomie took her career to another level and brought her knowledge of creating value-added services with the aid of technology when she became the Product Manager, West Africa at Greystone Partners Limited.

Realizing her innate potentials, Tomie was selected as a young African Leader for an accelerated leadership program in Bharti Airtel, a leading global telecommunications company in August 2013.

She currently seats as CEO, The Vestract Company – a digital financial advisory company that promotes financial literacy using investment clubs and technology for its operations.

Constantly, Tomie and her dynamic team push out 21st-century financial solutions that are designed for the youths and the young at heart.

For instance, she has helped 1,700 young people tidy up their personal finances, get financially educated, pay off debts and build investment portfolios for financial independence.

Experience they say is the best teacher, Tomie’s journey into the investment market started from her experience of facing the consequences of poor finances which she eventually overcame. Since then, she has been taking giant strides in filling the gap in investment education and helping clients gain access to investment opportunities in Nigeria and other climes.

Helping others make viable decisions about their investment is one of the things that Tomie is passionate about and she does that through credible channels like the Green Investment Club where the goal is to teach millennials to invest confidently.

Ever heard Tomie speak or ever read her posts about investment? She breaks down complex financial terms into easy and relatable terms just like ABC. She has been featured on various media platforms including CNBC Africa, Channels TV, Arise Africa TV etc. She also speaks at corporate organisations and has been invited to speak by organisations such as the Shell Nigeria Co., Ernst & Young, KPMG, Axa Mansard, GTB , FBN, British High Commission in Nigeria.

If you are trying to get an inroad with your audience on financial services, Tomie is that conference speaker you need as she makes investment attractive and a hassle-free venture for her clients.

She is an alumnus of the Harvard Fin-tech Program with an MBA from the prestigious Lagos Business School as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.


Tomie is the author of the book, Investment Clubs – how to create wealth beyond your pay-cheque by investing with others. Her book was featured as the No.1 new release in the crowd funding category when it was launched on Amazon in May 2018 and ranked No. 6 in the Amazon bestsellers rank. Her book launched her to be in the elite league of best-selling authors on the world’s largest online store, Amazon.