How I went from ‘broke girl’ to helping thousands of millennials in Africa invest in businesses that drive Africa’s economic growth.


My Investment journey started when I woke up to the fact I did not own any assets after working really hard for 4+ years in a management consulting firm. 

I got accepted to do my MBA program and my ‘no-tangible-wealth’ status hit home.

Right after my MBA program, I co-founded an investment club with four friends and this has taken me on an investment journey filled with gain and loss lessons.

Three years into operating our investment club, we started to receive quite a number of requests to join our investment club. We were not so keen on accepting new members.  That’s why I decided to build a framework to teach, anyone interested in learning, how to start an investment club. Over time, that idea has evolved into a top financial education and technology company in West Africa that has educated 100,000+ millennials

Our work through financial education, community and fin-tech is focused on sharing investment lessons on how to spend less, earn from multiple streams of income, make better investment decisions , invest during a pandemic and best practices on how to collaborate to invest successfully with others.

Professional profile 

Tomie Balogun is a certified financial educator and a leader within the financial education space in Africa. With over a decade’s worth of experience across management consulting, telecommunications and value-added technology, she contributes her technical expertise and extensive experience to creating Fintech products and helping SMEs raise funding in Africa.

She is the Founder and current CEO of Twelve, a digital wealth app that provides financial education and curated investment opportunities for building investment portfolios

Tomilola provides strategic leadership to her digital startup in alignment with the organizational vision of democratizing investment opportunities for Africans. She has successfully facilitated crucial investment interventions for businesses across core sectors.

Under her astute leadership, TGI Club (a private exclusive club for top users on the Twelve app) has grown from 35 members at inception to 2,000+ strong community of investors resident across 38 African countries. TGI club has also successfully mobilized $24 m+ in investment in the capital market and across multiple sectors such as agro-processing, logistics, real estate development, logistics ,consumer lending. TGI club was also the lead LP on a $10m VC fund by Lofty Inc, one of the most active VC funds in Africa.

Celebrated as one of 100 most inspiring women in Africa by Leading Ladies Africa, Tomie has successfully training 100,000+ millennials via online courses, free email courses and campus tours to 6 of the biggest universities in Nigeria in pursuance of the overarching SDG goals to reduce poverty and increase financial literacy for sustainable economic impact in Africa.

Prior to her current position, she functioned in high impact roles within other sectors of the economy. She was a product design and implementation lead at Greystone Partners. She was also selected as a young leader for Africans with promise for the Bharti Airtel Global young leaders program.

Tomie, who is an Amazon Best Selling author, contributes to social development through volunteer duties. She was a volunteer facilitator for Afara Leadership Development Program, an initiative that targets female undergraduate females with the objective of bridging currently existing leadership gaps. She also volunteered as a mentor for the Microsoft #insiderforgood program for promising startups in Nigeria.

Tomie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Lagos Business School and is an alumnus of the Harvard Fintech program. 

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Tomie is the author of the book, Investment Clubs – how to create wealth beyond your pay-cheque by investing with others. Her book was featured as the No.1 new release in the crowd funding category when it was launched on Amazon in May 2018 and ranked No. 6 in the Amazon bestsellers rank. Her book launched her to be in the elite league of best-selling authors on the world’s largest online store, Amazon.