Hi, I’m Tomie

I make it easy for millennials in Africa to learn how to invest correctly and create wealth with credible investment opportunities.

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Thank you for the detailed explanation on asset classes. Now, I have a better understanding of how they work. I have been doing a lot of research on investment in general, so this really helped.

Thank you so much Tomie.  The email series was an eye opener. I learnt a lot! It has activated a new hunger for investment in me and also a strong desire to pursue my goals.


I realized last year that I was spending more than I had. I decided I had to do better for myself and luckily, I stumbled upon your course. Thank you. I’m gaining so much insight and clarity.

Join my investor community - The biggest Investment Club in Nigeria

In response to multiple emails from my e-mail commnunity, I launched an investor community  called ”The Green Investment Club” for millennials ready to break the pay-cheque cycle and build investment portfolios.

We started with 35 members in August 2017 and currently have 1,300+ members, resident in 19 countries, who have invested >$7m in Africa so far.

Who says Africans can’t invest in Africa?

Get my Amazon best-selling book - 'Investment Clubs -How to create wealth beyond your pay-cheque'

My book was featured as the No.1 new release in the crowd funding category when it was launched on Amazon in May 2018 and ranked No. 6 in the Amazon bestsellers rank

Criss-crossed 7 cities in Nigeria on my book tour in 2018

I had the opportunity to interact with millennials across the country on my book tour. At each city stop, I was reminded of how interested our young people are about financial literacy and making better money decisions

And why we need to amplify our voices as financial educators and get more financial institutions to do the same.

Our Economy’s future depends on this.


Went on a campus tour to the 6 biggest universities in Nigeria

Thanks to Pensions Alliance Limited (PAL Pension), I got the opportunity to speak at 6 universities with an average attendance of ~2,000 students in each university.

It was humbling to to interact and listen to the next generation speak about their money goals and share why they want financial freedom to live the lives they want

Got invited to speak at the African Leadership University in Kigali,Rwanda

This was my first international speaking engagement and it was such a delight to see how similar we all are in our interest in financial literacy and learning how to make better money decisions.

Watch my new YouTube Series - The Millennial Investor Series

This is my foray into core media with a focus on democratizing financial education to as many millennial black people as possible across the continent of Africa and in diaspora.


(What I’m up to these days)


I am the Founder & current CEO of Vestract, a financial education and technology company for millennial investors in Africa,


I am looking forward to more international speaking engagements on my work with educating millennial investors in Africa and sharing about how our work at Vestract drives economic growth, financial inclusion and reduces the rate of poverty in Africa.


Technology enables scale which is very important for the financial industry in Africa. My goal is to take advantage of my experience interacting directly with 1m millennials in Africa, democratise financial education and contribute my part to reduce the poverty level in Nigeria and to a large extent, Africa.


I’m focused on finding a balance to life and work priorities. I’m working on meditating more and staying grateful always for the opportunity to do all that I do.


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