When I started working 9-5 officially, all I was interested in were the opportunities to increase my monthly pay.

I wanted to climb the corporate ladder i.e.get promoted at work and gain the respect of my colleague as well

but to be honest, all I really remember from all I and my friends discussed was what we would do if we had more money.

We planned to go on multiple vacations, buy better looking clothes (You know slay at work…Lol) and just form ‘big girls and big boys’…

It took me a while to realize how wrong thinking that way was, but I finally did. I was focused on increasing my income and spending more, rather than increasing my net-worth.

There is nothing wrong with working hard to increase your income but if you’re not putting that income to work, it’s not increasing your net-worth. 

What is your net worth? Your net worth is a measure of your financial health

I’ll admit, prior to my investment journey, no one had ever asked me what my net worth was before

Maybe because I’m not a billionaire yet, hmm….

But we don’t have to wait till Forbes does the calculation for us, right?

How about we start now?

Tap on the image below to find how to think differently about your net-worth and learn my 4 steps to increase your net-worth in 2019