has been a couple of weeks.

and I am absolutely glad to be back to sending  you my weekly emails.

I took a summer break from blogging to go on a campus tour across Nigeria. It has been an amazing experience so far. You can check out some pictures on my Instagram page if you do not follow me on Instagram already.

I still have one more campus to go. Thankfully, this campus is in Lagos as travelling every week throughout August was taking a toll on me.

This month, my weekly emails will focus on financial freedom.

I am convinced that financial freedom is the millennial’s definition of retirement.

For most of us, our parents took the linear route of getting good grades, getting a good job, earning a good salary and basically focusing on getting a promotion at work to earn more income.

We don’t think that way anymore. We want to enjoy the present .We want to live lives that matter today and not wait till we retire in our 60’s or 70’s to do the things we dream about.

If I had to earn a kobo for every time I hear someone say financial freedom or see it mentioned on social media, I would probably have earned a really tidy sum by now

So, what exactly does financial freedom mean?

In simple terms, being financially free means you can maintain your desired lifestyle without a regular paycheck from a job or business.

Think about that definition for a second.

You might ask, is that possible? Is it possible to achieve financial freedom? I believe it is if you plan for it

However, it doesn’t just happen. It happens in stages.

We go from no freedom (when getting the credit alert every month is a life saver) to temporary freedom (when we get comfortable with making some crazy career decisions because we have an investment portfolio) to permanent freedom (when we earn enough passive income to be comfortable)

What you do at each stage will determine how fast you get to the next stage

It is a journey. I am still on that journey myself and I can tell you you have to be deliberate about the decisions you make.

I’ll break it down further in subsequent emails

However, if you want to learn how to make investment decisions, read all about what I am currently doing to earn passive income (real stories where I actually show you my credit alert messages *wink), you should join the Green Investment Club.

I am very careful about sharing personal information but I am willing to share it with those who understand investing and know that not every investment opportunity might be the right investment option for them.

I don’t do theory. Don’t believe those who teach you how to invest but do not invest themselves.

There are a few of us who actually put our money where our mouth is and I am glad to be associated with them.

I invest my money in legitimate investment opportunities I share with the members of the Green Investment club. If I am taking a risk, I share. If it is safe, I share. and I don’t do ponzi scheme

I am looking forward to writing more about financial freedom this month but if you want to get access to my online course, news letters where I share investment opportunities weekly, our investment community, you should sign up to join the Green Investment Club while it’s open.

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