Does this sound like you?

You work really hard and give in your best at your 9-5 or business all the time. At the end of each day, you’re so tired and you wonder how exactly you can earn additional income

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone

I was that person who worked really hard as well. In fact, I took work home a lot of times and worked all through my weekends sometimes,not because I was paid to work extra hours but because I really liked my work. 

Like so many others, I thought I was fine because my salary came in regularly and if I got broke in the course of the month, I would just borrow to pay back once I get paid.

When I stepped out of 9-5, reality hit

I was going to have to work twice as hard and twice as smart to ensure I earned income on a regular basis. 

As an entrepreneur, a lot of work goes into creating value. I enjoy the creative process but the pressure for my work to succeed was stressing me out. 

I didn’t realize I was so stressed out till I had a car accident. 

The truth was I would be fine living comfortably on my husband’s income but why be a burden? (This is not about any of ”….ism’s”, this is about putting my brain to work)

So I put my brain to work and learnt that as an investor, there are smart ways to earn additional income outside of my business.

You may wondering how this applies to you as a 9-5 working professional. Well, It does because just like you, my business only pays me a salary and that is one stream of income.

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