Have you ever asked yourself that question?

What would I do If I didn’t have to worry about money?

Would you simply sit around all day and chill? Spend more time with the people you love?Resign from a job you hate? Give more to charity? or simply travel the world?

In this week’s episode of the millennial investor series, I review an amazing book titled, Real women invest in Real Estate. 

This book shares 26 principles that help you invest correctly in real estate in Nigeria. 

What’s was even more exciting to read, were the stories in the book. 

At least two stories stay imprinted on my memory. The first story is of a woman who started investing in real estate at the age of 25

Years after, she walked away from the politics of her job because she could afford to live comfortably without depending on her salary. 

The second story is about a woman who bought a piece of real estate for her business. Her business failed but the appreciation on the real estate property eventually paid for her retirement. 

How about that for ‘failure to success’ story?

You can hardly go wrong with investing in real estate when you follow the principles in this book

Now, you might be thinking  ”I do not have a lot of money to invest in real estate today” and that’s Ok. What’s not Ok is when you settle and do not collaborate with others to co-invest in property together. 

I share some more stories in this week’s series. Tap on the image below to watch.