Shorty wants a million dollars – The dream

Say make I ‘wire, wire’ (do a direct bank transfer)The how

Turn me to under cover o, ‘Maga’ o (Someone who is easily duped) –  The source

She says all her friends are Living, ‘Livin’ la vida loca’ (Living the fun crazy life). – The why


These are the lyrics to a popular song titled FIA by Davido, one of Africa’s biggest artistes

Throughout the 2017 holiday festivities, my ears were inundated with this song.

It seemed like no one wanted to be left out of the sheer boldness it took for ‘Shorty’ to ask for a million dollars.

So the lyrics of the song caught my attention. (I guess the words ‘ a million dollars’ will get anyone’s attention.)

My husband was in on the hype as well, so I asked him for the lyrics to the song.

Reading the lyrics, I thought ‘Wow’, Shorty’s really got it going on.

She had the nerve to ask for a million dollars from a source she dropped when he was broke.

Ok, so this is not a post on why ‘Shorty’ should not have asked for a million dollars

but an analogy of how what Shorty did is exactly what most of us do with our money.

We daydream about wealth; being in control of our time and not sitting at a desk all week, travelling multiple continents and livin’ la vida loca (The dream)

But we do not do what is necessary to achieve our life goals (The how)

We do not put our money to work. (The source)

Well, lucky you, I put together 5 money habits you need to stop in 2018, so you don’t end up like ‘Shorty’

or OOPS!, what I actually mean is, so you don’t end up asking yourself what happened to all your money when you should be sitting back to enjoy the benefits of your money’s hard work. (The why)