One of my goals this year was to change the composition of my net-worth significantly.

I wanted to increase my net-worth but more importantly I wanted to increase my short term assets in a way that earned more passive income.

When I co-founded my investment club, I still worked 9-5 so it was easy to keep up with monthly contributions.

However, stepping out of 9-5 changed my income pattern. I started with working contracts in a couple of small businesses.

Income was good but not so timely

Over time, I put my mind to work to create value and earn additional income from knowledge assets and this helped a lot

However, what’s even more exciting was reviewing my half year goals and seeing that I was able to smash my goals with the different investment club models I created during this period.

Talk about practicing what you preach.

In my recently published book , I outline 4 models of investment clubs anyone can start.

The 1st model is the traditional model which is the model my friends and I started 5 years ago.

To be honest, this is a tough model to implement. It requires a lot of patience, re-learning and unlearning but I am glad we have managed to survive through thick and thin.

That said, let’s dig a little further

Traditional model and long term investment

My investment club has pretty much made all the investment mistakes in the book but I wouldn’t trade all I’ve learnt for anything. The investments we’ve made so far are 70-80% long term in nature which I strongly believe will earn reward eventually if we keep at it.

While long term investment options are great, based on my stage of life and change in income pattern, I needed to invest in short term options that could provide income. I got this wake up call when I stepped out of 9-5. You don’t have to wait.

At the beginning of the year, my short term assets were practically 0% (very negligible) as shown in the image below. My main short term asset was an investment in mutual funds which wasn’t actively providing passive income in the true sense.


Composition of my net-worth (Before and After)


This year, I knew I had to put my money to work for more short term options.

My investment club had a good mix of short term and long term investment options but we always re-invested the income so it was still kinda long term for me.

How did I change my mix of assets? Let’s get this knowledge party started.


The Green Club and the community model

I started blogging officially in 2016 to share my practical investing experience but I didn’t realize I could get rewarded for teaching the knowledge I had built up over the time, from reading book after book and sitting with multiple mentors

I got my light bulb moment late last year and I started the Green Club to build a community of like minded investors who were ready to get started putting their money to work actively.

At first, it was a pilot program but it has since evolved into a digital education platform. Check it out here and feel free to sign up for the September set

The Green Club provided a stream of income for me to diversify and invest in more short term assets and beyond being a stream of income, It gave me access to interesting short term investment options that I could introduce to members of the Green Club as well.

These short term options provided an active way to put my money to work and earn passive income in 3-12 months. They currently consist of mutual funds, investment in agriculture, small business lending and peer-2-peer lending,

Truth is, these options were not available when we started our investment club 5 years ago but they are available today and well within any average person’s capital reach.  Some of them are public, some of them you get to know about if you have the right mix of friends around you.

With this model, I put my knowledge asset to work so I could earn income to put to work in short term assets. Make sense?


Enter Project-Based Investment Club Model and making money on the buy

One investment option most of us find hard to invest in, in this part of the world is real estate.

This is why I was excited when I got the opportunity to manage a real-estate focused club with 40 members who wanted to own a piece of real estate in Lagos, Nigeria.

Not my first real estate gig, but it felt like the first in a lot ways because I got to really dig in to learn how the real estate industry works in Nigeria. I also got to implement some of the real estate strategies I learnt from attending the finer wealth real estate series last year.

Armed with those strategies, we were able to negotiate a transaction to purchase 60 plots of land at 45% below the market value simply because we had the power of numbers

Today, the value of the land we purchased is worth at least 100% more compared to value we paid for it because of two factors, development in that area of town and population increase as well.

Without the investment club, I wouldn’t have being able to negotiate the cost of that land or earned equity on the purchase of real estate

The mix of equity and land value increased my long term assets by over 100%

So while my short term assets increased, my long term assets also increased which is why it is still 88% of total assets

So, there you have it. This is as real as it gets.

Practical investment experience can not get any better. Be careful about people who share investment information and advice but are not walking the talk or actually investing.

Each of these models have contributed to increasing my net-worth by over 200% in the first half of this year and I thought it was only fair to share this with you.

I can’t wait to see how each of these models evolve in the second half of the year.

This is just one aspect of my goals for the year. I also broke average by writing a book. Got a copy yet?

Click here to purchase my book to learn how to create each of these investment club models in a way that works for you

Always remember, what you focus on grows. What are you focused on as we get into the second half of the year?

You need to get your mind exposed to new possibilities. You can’t make what your mind has not created.

If you haven’t purchased a copy of my book yet, you should by clicking here, so it can get delivered directly to you

It’s a great book, even if I say so myself, not only because I share the framework on how to create each of the models of investment clubs outlined in this post but also because you owe it to yourself to break average and do more with what you have

Stop waiting. Start collaborating