2020 is a year for the history books, no doubt. I hope you’re keeping safe wherever you are in the world.

If you’ve been reading my previous emails, then you know it has also been a year filled with investment opportunities. 

So we see the opposites in play; we see the back drop of the averse health effects of the pandemic all over the world, drop in crude oil prices and the #endsars protests and yet we see the opposite effect it has provided to investors in the market place. 

In March, I wrote an article on how I was investing at the first peak of the pandemic. My first series on how I was investing during the pandemic shared 3 specific asset classes in which I took advantage of opportunities. Click here to read the blog post. if you missed it.

One of the markets I invested in was the Nigerian stock market. I took time out to learn how the stock market works all over again because I realised I needed to learn from someone who’s invested successfully in the stock market for a quarter of a century with his own money and succeeded at it.

In September, I noticed a jump in stock prices and I hurried to do an analysis on my stock portfolio. I was shocked to see I had done 75% in returns in a little over 5 months. For context, the All share index that tracks the overall performance of the Nigerian stock market has done only about 9.6% till date.

I promised to share details on one stock I invested in, so here goes. 

Click on the link below to watch a new episode of the millennial investor series where I share the following;

1. Details on one of the stocks I added to my portfolio in March; Why I bought it, how much I bought it and what the stock price was as at the time I recorded this video.

2. Why you might not get the same results I got if you buy this same stock today
3. 3 ways to know a good stock to buy in the Nigerian stock market. 

Ps. Did this blogpost/video resonate with you? Did you learn a tip or two? If you did please share a screenshot of this blogpost and tag me @tomiebalogun in your Instagram stories or on twitter. Let’s connect as the world continues to evolve into a virtual social space this season.

Until next week!

Warm regards
Tomie Balogun

 Ps. I was talking to a mentor recently and he told me his peers do typically share investment lessons openly. He said he was glad my generation was different. I am glad too! I share my lessons openly so we can all grow in wealth together. I’ll keep investing and I’ll keep sharing.