One of my friends gave me a phone call recently to share how she invested in a certain fund specifically for women in January 2019

She shared with me how she was pitched to invest based on the impact and expected ROI on the fund. 

She decided to invest in January and totally forgot about the investment. Based on a prompt from one of my posts or articles, she decided to check in on her investment last month

She was shocked when she received her statement of account. 

Her statement of account showed she had earned nothing yet (not a dime!) from her investment since she invested in January

She couldn’t believe it and I couldn’t believe it as well

This year alone, members of the Green Investment club have invested over $1m in multiple investment opportunities that offer an average of 24% – 33%

So, why hasn’t she earned any interest on the fund for 6 months? 

Basically, she didn’t understand the nature of the fund she invested in and so many of us make this same mistake as well.

This week on the millennial investor series, It’s our versus episode when we compare something with another. Click on the image below to learn about the difference between an index fund and a mutual fund.  

In this episode, you’ll learn

1. What an index fund is and what it tracks in the capital market
2. Why the fees associated with one fund is higher than the other
3. Why the management styles and investment objective of each fund is different
4. How to decide which fund works for your investment goals

Click on the image to watch this week’s episode and don’t forget to leave your questions or comments in the comment section.