I remember trying to make sense of the blogging trend

and trying to decide what I should blog about as well

When you set up a WordPress account to blog, your first blog draft shows the text ”Hello world”

I wasn’t so sure what I wanted to share with the world. 

All I knew was I had always kept a journal and it was time to transfer my thoughts to a bigger platform on the internet.

So I started to blog my random thoughts and sometimes, I would blog about the interesting activities I was up to. 

One day, I blogged bout how my friends and I had started an investment club and everything changed

I got so many questions and comments about how I had started an investment club, investment option etc etc. 

and I thought oh! People want to learn about investment clubs…great. 

I became more deliberate in documenting my lessons and thinking about how to share it in a way that was easy to understand. I studied copy writing and took some lessons as well. I reached out to my investment expert friends, asked them questions and shared all the information I gathered freely on my blog. 

Then one day, I realized I could monetize my knowledge. I received requests to hold a workshop  and I though ok, let’s try this.

10 people paid for my first workshop. I was over the moon..

We had the workshop , I got great feedback and we took the blurred selfie below. The end!

Just kidding!

Someone sent me a message recently asking what books I had read and how I know all I know. It made me realize I had practical l investment knowledge you can’t find on Google. Truth is we all do actually and we owe it to ourselves to share. 

This question also made me think back and I wanted to highlight the first lesson on my journey again in case you missed it. The point where I made the switch to monetize my knowledge for additional income. 

I didn’t just set out to earn more income. I set out to solve a problem. I responded to a request and earned income from taking the step. 

Next week, I’ll  share the next lesson on how I evolved into an author and created the biggest investment club in Nigeria. 

Stay tuned! you dont want to miss this series.