Two years ago, I had the opportunity to listen to Mrs Awosika speak for the first time and it was a life changing moment. 

Listening her to speak for a few hours that day completely changed the trajectory of my life. 

Suddenly, all of my crazy dreams seemed possible

If you’re wondering about how I have achieved all I have achieved in 2 years ( such as becoming an Amazon best-selling author, creating the biggest investment club in Nigeria etc). It came from listening to her speak and letting her words literally open my mind that day

I have had the opportunity to listen to her a few more times since that time and honestly, she is a ‘walking book’ with so much knowledge and experience. 

A few weeks ago, I signed up for the Liberated Tea Series by Foluso Gbadamosi to attend yet another session to listen to Mrs Awosika speak. 

I paid N20,000 to attend but I can tell you that what I have gained in earning and partnerships since that meeting is definitely worth a lot more than what I paid and will earn long term from implementing some of the lessons she shared at this event.

I am currently implementing a major pivot in my business and it felt like she was reading my mind while speaking because she kept sharing answers to the questions/challenges deep in my heart that I couldn’t articulate.

I’ll share some lessons below.

1. Outsource your weaknesses. This is such a deep lesson. We all have strengths and weaknesses but more often than not, we focus on our weaknesses and keep trying to transform our weaknesses into strengths. There’s no need for that. We all can’t be good at everything.

Funny thing is she shared this lesson the first time I listened to her and I wrote about this principle in my book on Investment clubs but apparently, I needed a reminder. Maybe you need a reminder this week as well. 

Focus on your core strengths and find friends or partners who demonstrate strength in your areas of weaknesses. This applies not only to work or career but also to how you manage your household, your friendships, siblings or with gaining new knowledge. You dont have to figure out everything on your own. Get help for the next level.

2. Integrity is a weapon. I know integrity is a great value to have but I would never have thought of it as a weapon. Mrs Awosika shared an example of how she always paid complete custom duties for the value of her imports even when she knew everyone else was cutting corners. Everyone thought she was naive but she never negotiated to pay less even when it seemed inflated. She paid all her fees completely.

Eventually, this virtue contributed to getting her shortlisted as a board member for Cadbury Plc (Nigeria), one of the foremost FMCG companies in the world during one if its worst corporate governance scandals. This Cadbury plc. board appointment led to the next board appointment and then another before she eventually got appointed to the Chairman position in Nigeria’s oldest bank.

Choosing to do things the right way might seem stupid especially if everyone else is cutting corners. But, her life demonstrates that It pays to be clear about your values so you do not balk when the test comes.

These values extend to how you make money decisions too; how you provide service in the marketplace to earn income,what you decide to invest your earned income in etc. Values matter and these values should affect all your life and money decisions. 

I know it might seem difficult to achieve in Nigeria but Mrs Awosika is proof it is possible. She also proves you’ll get rewarded for sticking to your values, sometimes in ways you do not expect. 

These are just two lessons for now. But honestly, the lessons from that meeting have helped me make some key business decisions, avoid a bad partnership etc. 

I’ll like to encourage you to get out of your own way in the second half of 2019. 

Sometimes the knowledge you need to help you be better or go the next level may come from listening to an expert or mentor speak. It might come from reading a book or even from watching an educative Youtube video. 

Do not leave your personal development to the mercy of social media or formal education alone. Stay woke!

.Ps. Can you spot me in the picture?