Ever lost money to a Ponzi scheme?

If you haven’t, good for you! 

If you have, Lol..I hope you learnt your lesson

I got an email recently from an ”88 year old young man” (That was exactly what the email said) who promised me $17m if I invest $300,000 in his network. 

Wow..who would have thought it would be so easy to become a dollar millionaire right?

I replied, ‘Not today, Not ever friend. I’ll stick with what I know and understand”.  

This week on the millennial investor series, I share 4 ways to recognize Ponzi schemes. Click on the image below to learn;

1. What a Ponzi scheme is and how it started
2. Why the investment strategy is always secret or too complex to understand
3. Why they keep signing on more people to the schemes
4. How to avoid losing money to a Ponzi scheme

Click on the image to watch this week’s episode and don’t forget to leave your questions or comments in the comment section.