I check my Direct Message (DM) inbox on Instagram and without fail, I get this question every other day

What can I invest in with xxx amount?’

I reply saying, ‘With this amount of money, you don’t have so many options

I get a response, ‘I really want to make more money

I respond, ‘Are you ready to take a little bit more risk?

The answer always comes swiftly, ‘No, I’m not

Fantastic‘, I say, ‘then stick to the safe options, you’ll be fine.’


A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about investing for income and I got so many emails asking me to share practical examples of income producing assets.

So, I decided to hold a live session on Instagram to share 10 examples of income producing assets.

I’m going to share 3 of the examples I shared in this blog post today to show you how you can earn more income on your investment. However, you should know that these investment options are risky so investor beware.

Private Investment notes

Most of us know about government issued treasury bills. i.e The government issues a bill to the general public to raise money or mop up liquidity in the system and pays an interest on that bill.

Now think about an organization in the private sector doing this to raise money from the general public as well. The private organization does not want your ownership interest as a shareholder, so they offer you an opportunity to own financial interest in their company with a private investment note.

Private investment notes are interesting because they offer higher rates than government issued bills. Think about it as the organization paying you slightly more because of the risk you bear by lending to them. (Experts call the additional interest a risk premium)

Quite a number of private organizations offer them in Africa and they offer it with no collateral or guarantee. This makes them risky. One organization offered private investment notes to members of the Green club this year and we raised N10m+ for that organization.

Small businesses

Small businesses are the engine of growth for any economy. 80% of companies that exist in Nigeria (and probably Africa) are small business but unfortunately, they do not have access to finance that they really need to grow. This is where you come in as an investor.

You can offer working capital loans to these small businesses at a slight premium than what they would get from a financial institution because you are taking a risk by investing in them. You stand a chance of losing all your money of the small business’s operations go south so you’ll need to be very careful when investing in this option.

I encourage you not to be a Shylock by charging crazy interest rates these businesses cant afford to pay. You’llĀ  be killing them and not helping them. I have had a mixed experience investing in small businesses, some good and some bad. For me it was always a case of good management or bad management by the entrepreneur.

Real Estate projects

I stumbled on this option this year and I found that it had an interesting ring to it. Most of us invest in real estate simply to own land or property, but have you ever considered investing in real estate simply to earn an income?

Instead of tying down your capital on a long term asset, you can invest simply to earn income. For instance, some real estate companies pool a group of investors together to get enough money to purchase land and start a building project. Once the building project is completed, they sell off the property and pay the investors back with really good returns (sometimes as much as 100% in returns).

Again, these are risky investment options so you’ll need to be consider carefully before you take the leap.

I have invested in two of these options with my investment clubs and as an individual and they have helped me increase my net-worth significantly.

If you can’t take the risk on your own, then share the risks.

That’s what investment clubs are for. I tell people all the time, you shouldn’t start an Investment clubs simply to invest in safe investment options, you can do that by yourself.

Investment clubs should be for your big hairy audacious goals.

Those goals that keep you up awake at night wondering how you can smash them.

The goals that help you make significant impact, after all our lives should be measured by the impact we make on the world and not simply by how much we stack up in the bank.

When you invest in a private investment note or small business, you are enabling growth. With real estate projects, you are contributing to general economic welfare

Nothing is impossible. If you can think it, you can achieve it.

This is what we do in the Green Club, we open your mind to possibilities.

My recently published book on how best to start an investment club also does this. I’m happy to announce the hard copy print is now available to order in Nigeria, click here to order