Are you afraid of being broke? (I used to be)

I listened to a speaker at a conference recently and she said she was driven to work hard because she was afraid of being broke. I smiled because I remembered how I used to be afraid of being broke as well. One specific incident I'll always remember is sitting in my...

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New to investing? This episode is for you

This week, I had to tackle this question I get all the time, ''How do I get started investing?'' I thought it was important to get this out of the way before I delve into a bit more complex investing concepts on the millennial investor series Here's the episode for...

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Life lessons from my trip to Rwanda

Last week, I took a 5 day trip to Rwanda I have heard and read a lot of positive things about Rwanda, so I wanted to see for myself what the hype was all about. Rwanda is a small and landlocked country in East Africa. The country has a total area of 26,338km2 (Nigeria...

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