Are you losing money from your investment?

One of my friends gave me a phone call recently to share how she invested in a certain fund specifically for women in January 2019 She shared with me how she was pitched to invest based on the impact and expected ROI on the fund.  She decided to invest in January and...

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What do I do if I keep making money mistakes?

“When we plant a rose seed in the earth, we notice that it is small, but we do not criticize it as “rootless and stemless.” We treat it as a seed, giving it the water and nourishment required of a seed. When it first shoots up out of the earth, we don't condemn it as...

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3 money mistakes to avoid as an entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur in Nigeria has to be the most difficult life activity ever! I've been at this ''life activity'' for about 2 years now and it has humbled me, to say the least However, I must admit I do not regret it. I'm grateful I got to experience such a life...

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