3 bite-sized lessons from the how to invest workshop 2017

The how to invest workshop (HTI) 3.0 was a blast!

All the speakers shared profound lessons learnt on their investment journey and we had a lot of ‘aha’ moments


So, I thought I would share snippets of some of the lessons shared at the workshop for those who couldn’t attend so you don’t feel left out.

Ready to nip into them?

Here they are;

1st lesson; Make investment a bill

All the speakers emphasized this principle.

At first, it sounded cliche to me because I have done this for four (4) years now with my investment club, however, once I started relating to those who attended the workshop, I realized our investment journey begins with a decision to set money aside to invest, just like you would budget for housekeeping, groceries or other routine expenses.

Once you make the decision to set a budget to invest, it becomes a habit.

Once you form the habit, it builds up over time and opens you up to investment opportunities. You’re also able to tap into the principle of compound interest.

Now, I know some of us wait till we receive monetary windfalls such as a profit bonus from our work place or a gift, before we decide to set money aside to invest

and that’s probably because we think the little we can set aside, on a monthly basis, might not be enough to invest in anything significant.

I understand why this might not motivate you to make investment a bill

But if that’s the case for you, you’ll make a great candidate for an investment club. ย An investment club is a great way to take advantage of the power of many, start investing with like-minded people and make all the mistakes early.

The best time to start investing is now.

It is important to start early so you can take advantage of time to let your money grow adequately before you need to start dipping your hands into it.


2nd lesson; Always take into consideration the economic and political climate of the environment you invest in.

In 2016, Nigeria experienced an economic recession; negative growth rates, high inflation and a really volatile currency contributed to a significant drop in the value of stock market.

I remember being quite surprised when I read a stock market report and discovered that, in spite of the economic recession, some particular stocks had gained value within the range of 100%-300%

I invited Mr Kenneth Kanebi to speak on the panel of the HTI workshop because he has a deep understanding of the markets.ย When I asked why some particular stocks rallied ย (experienced growth) in spite of the shock to the stock market. He gave a profound answer.

His answer emphasized why we should not make any investment decision in a vacuum. While the overall economic climate was experiencing slow growth, some particular industries still continued to grow. For instance, we all continued to eat during the recession and the dynamics of the economy actually worked in favor of the agricultural processing industry.

In a nutshell, don’t outsource your investment decisions, be conscious of what is happening in your economic and political environment and take advantage of opportunities.



Final lesson; Don’t be a local champion

This was a controversial lesson.

I’m a keen advocate of investing in the local economy. Africa cumulatively owns only 2% of the world’s wealth in spite of the fact that the continent is rich in resources.

Why is this the case? I believe the fact that we keep taking our resources to spend and invest outside the continent contributes largely to this.

That said, we live in a global world and we should take advantage of investment opportunities in any country. The rewards are definitely worth it in the long term.

So, our speakers advised us not to be local champions. Take advantage of global opportunities when you can.

What do you think about these snippets?

All those who attended shared their thoughts. I would love to hear yours as well

Are these lessons you can act on or are they cut off from reality? Share in the comment box below





  1. The workshop was very educative and interesting. All the speakers were on point. I particularly enjoyed the Game of Cards. Learned a lot about making investment in things you understand.

  2. I really gained insights in the workshop. One quote struck me however “Don’t invest in what you don’t understand”. I’m glad I made it. Thank you team HTI and thank you Tomi.

  3. Yes, Im with Ugo on this… We are quick to invest in something cos Mr B-Y are all investing in it but we do not understand personally. Well digested research and information are important before putting foot into ANY sort of “Investment”.
    Thanks Tomie and the speakers, I learnt quite a whole lot and networked with awesome minds.

    Could we have the game too. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Thanks Priye…That was definitely a key lesson for everyone. Errr…the game of clubs is a my trademark game. I’ll let you know when I’m ready to franchise….(*wink)

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