The green club

Hi, I'm Tomie, and I know exactly how it feels to be a novice to investing.

I started an investment club with 4 friends, 4 years ago.

When we started, I thought all we needed to do was to put money together and simply start investing in profitable investment opportunities.

Boy! Was I wrong? 

There's so much more to investing than that. In four (4) years, we've built a stock portfolio, invested in fixed income securities, foreign exchange and multiple small businesses in three industries. This has taught me a lot about investing and this information is not readily on the streets. I had to do a lot of study and seek advice with  industry experts. 

On this journey, I also got qualified as a Certified Financial Educator Instructor (CFEI)

After receiving countless emails and direct messages from my subscribers consistently,  I realized most people struggle with one or all of these 3 core problems,

You struggle with saving

 'I try to save but after a certain period of saving, I end up spending the money without having anything to show for it.'

You feel like a novice

'I really do not know what to invest in... I look for investments options but when I find them, I get confused'

You're scared of taking risks

'I work hard to earn my money. I don't want to lose it all to a lousy investment because I didn't know better'

'You're about to learn exactly how to set priorities, start saving and investing in a way that is right for you - so you can finally get started on achieving your investment goals.'



'I created the green club to help you finally get started on achieving your investment goals.'


You will be in good company when you join the green club!

I decided to join the green club because I saw it as an opportunity to learn more about investing. I learned a lot more.

I learned to be more attentive to detail and make investment a bill. Saving was already a bill for me, so making investment a bill was a big step change. Being a member of the green club has made me become more in control of my finances.

My greatest take away was learning how to change my mindset about money and being rich. You are generally afraid of what you don't know. I know a lot more now and I believe I have a solid foundation to build on, along with the right mindset and attitudes for my wealth journey

*Seyi is the HR specialist and partner in Unilever for Ghana & Nigeria*

I already had a clear career/financial dream, but I didn’t realize how much I did not know and how much it would take to get me to where I desired to be.

I had heard about investing but I couldn’t wrap my head around it. It’s a strange topic because not many people within my age group understand it, and we tend to shy away from things we don’t understand, and leave stuff like this for when we leave college and get a job. When the opportunity to be a part of the Green Club came along, I signed up for the Green Club

Since joining, I started investing. I’m on my way to achieving my financial goal for the year. The green club took away the investment jargon I expected to hear when I joined, and made it as simple as possible. 

*Amara is a savvy millennial and a certified digital marketer*

Before joining the green club, I really didn’t prioritize investment as a bill although I had savings account and fixed deposit. I joined the green club basically to increase my financial literacy and to know more about investment options and how to take advantage of investment opportunities.

Since joining the green club, I have learnt about various investment options and making investment a bill. I have invested already in a couple of investment options. I am also learning a foreign language to increase my earning potential and to be globally positioned and relevant. I feel empowered and equipped for the journey to being financially free!

*Bola is the Country lead for Somfy (an IOT company).*

Before I joined the Green Club, I had just concluded a discussion with a colleague that I needed somewhere to invest my money because I was expecting a huge sum soon and didn’t want to waste. He promised to get back to me and he did by sending me a link to Tomie's blog and went a step further to insist I joined The Green Club to be in a community of like-minded individuals.

The green club was a light at the end of the tunnel because I was at a stage where I needed to take control of my finances. I never used to be a wasteful spender but with age and change of status, responsibilities increased, and I fell of track.

Since joining the green club, I feel well informed and confident enough to take investment decisions, videos sessions were all very enlightening and I met amazing people that have turned friends.

*Thelma works in the Nigerian Stock Exchange.*

Frequently. Asked .Questions

  1. Who is this program for?  This membership program is for those who are ready to take action on making investment a bill and learning how to invest correctly.  This program is not for those who want get-rich-quick schemes and we will not be taking money from you to invest on your behalf.
  2. How long do I have access to the content?  You have LIFETIME access to the content to keep you on track.  After the initial 12 week period, you can stay on in the green club community where you can continue to network with like minded individuals and receive updates on investment opportunities.
  3. How would the challenges and rewards work?  You will receive information on the challenges in the preparation week. After that you will be awarded points based on how you meet the milestones in your saving or investment goals. There will be a reward for those who are actively working on meeting their investment goals at the end of 9 weeks
  4. If I choose to pay monthly, how will I be billed?  You will receive a reminder to make payment on a monthly basis based on your enrollment date. I made it a point to offer this program at a very affordable rate because my goal is to get you to take action and start investing  as you learn. My main mission is to get more millennials investing and building sustainable wealth required to make an impact on society.
  5. Do you offer refunds?  No! unfortunately we do not offer refunds. So please make up your mind carefully before you join.

KINDLY NOTE - The green club is a program by Vestract Ltd. Vestract Ltd is an innovation company. We do not provide investment advice nor would we invest on your behalf. The purpose of this program is to teach how to invest correctly and how you can learn to benefit from it over time. All information provided is for educational purposes only. Whatever decision you take as a result of what you learn on the program will be your responsibility and yours alone.