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Discover what exactly an investment club is,

  • Why an investment club is a great solution for you to help you achieve your wealth goals.
  • Learn how to stop being an average investor
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Join the green club

Can't seem to find the right friends to start an investment club with? Join the green club!

  • The Green club is a non-financial investment club. We do not invest for you. We teach you how to invest and hold you accountable to your investment goals.
  • Get access to resources and expert advice; Stock market experts, Real estate experts, Certified financial planners, Certified wealth managers and so much more.
  • Get the juice on private investment opportunities not shared in public

Early Bird Investment - N50,000 ($140)

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Private Coaching

60 min private coaching with me consists of 4 mini C-sessions

  • Get clarity on your net worth and investment goals.
  • Creatively diagnose and analyze your flows, expenses, debt (if any)
  • Build capacity to make investment a bill and invest based on the bucket approach
  • Get introduced to private asset management companies in my network to up your class

Investment - N250,000 ($700)

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The starter pack (Max)

  • My book - Investment Clubs (How to create wealth beyond your pay-cheque ) -A comprehensive guide on how to start, manage and grow your investment club.
  • 60 minutes with Tomie where we discuss quick wins for your club.
  • Company (Ltd) registration package to make your investment club a legal entity
  • Access to club 360 - The network of investment clubs in Nigeria, Ghana and the USA

The Max Inc. will get your investment club going at full speed.

Investment: N250,000 ($700)

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Private Consultation

Started your investment club? and your club needs one-on-one time with me? A private consultation with me includes

  • a 3-4hr private session with members of your club on how to put together a structure to guarantee the success of your investment club
  • Free access to me via e-mail or meetings, for an additional three (3) months after consultation. 
  • Investment club starter pack (Max)

Investment - N720,000 ($2,000)

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The starter pack (Mini)

The Mini Inc will get your investment club started with minimum hassles.

Investment - N180,000 ($500)

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