Put your money to work (so you don’t have to keep doing all the work)

Last week I had a live session on Instagram.

I had a great time sharing what I know on how to invest correctly and answering questions as well.

During the live session, I shared this quote;

Anything you do that makes you money is business

Anything your money does that brings money to you is investment.

The first time I heard this quote, it stuck with me. That’s because all my life all I’ve done pretty well is to focus solely on ‘business’. i.e what I do to earn an income.

That’s the same thing with quite a number of people I get into conversation with as well.

We give our time, skills and knowledge to earn an income.

That income represents a reward for our time and effort.

That income is the value our time and effort has created for us.

For instance, if you work at a 9-5 job and you earn a salary, N500,000 ($1,400) on a monthly basis. What you get paid is the value of all the hours, skill, effort and knowledge you brought to your job for that month.

N500,000 represents the monetary value, your organization places on your time and effort

The problem is it’s difficult to scale on that level.

You need to either get promoted to a new position that comes with additional pay, within your organization, or change organizations entirely.

and that’s why we keep on working , spending our lives in days, weeks, months and years to make money.

Thank God there’s hope

That hope is a secret rich people know and continue to take advantage of for centuries.

It’s an open secret and that’s why they work less hours as they age and yet, earn more.

What’s the secret?

They put their money to work.

They invest in diverse investment opportunities ,over time, because they have a plan to work less as they age and depend on the money they put to work.

They put the money they earn to work over and over again until it earns them enough to sustain their lifestyles and eventually stop working so hard.

The fact is as we age, our ability to continue to pour in time and effort into ‘business’ will reduce significantly and that’s why we need the money to start working so it can take our place when we need to stop working.

From my conversations with friends, I find that most people fall into either of these categories;

Those who earn money and spend it like it’s hot

and those who earn money and keep it in a savings account, keeping it on vacation and letting it lose value while they work all day

*|FNAME|* , you can’t keep doing this and expect to build any significant wealth.

Wealth doesn’t work that way.

The ideal scenario is  for you to continue working hard on your ‘business’ (This can also be your career) and start putting your money to work as well.

Both activities can and should happen simultaneously so your money can eventually take your place conveniently.

When you sign up to indicate interest in joining the green club, I’ll show you how to achieve this.

The green club is a 3 month membership program created to walk you through the activities required to start putting your money to work correctly.

I wish I knew everything I’ll be teaching on this program when I started making investment decisions 4 years ago.

I’m sure I would have avoided a lot of mistakes on my investment journey.

Your investment journey should not be based on random investment decisions that end up losing money and stressing you out.

Investing requires a lot more color to create a beautiful outcome

and you achieve a beautiful outcome when you keep learning and take deliberate action

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