I met a billionaire (and this is what he told me)

We see them featured on TV

We read their wealth stories on the pages of Forbes magazine

and sometimes, we walk away thinking we really understand  their rags-to-riches stories.

Well, this past week, I met a billionaire and to say my way of thinking was turned inside out would be an understatement.

I have over 20 pages of all I learnt simply listening to him.

He told me, ‘Life rewards you according to your definitions, not according to your effort.’

So he asked me, how do you define vision?

I answered, ‘Vision is a mental picture you have of a desired or preferred future

He said, when he asked a 7 year old boy that question and he gave me a similar answer.

I asked a young man in his 30’s that question and got a similar answer.

and finally, I visited a hospital in Lagos some years ago, saw a man in his 80’s on his dying bed and asked him this question and got a similar answer.

He looked at me and said, ‘if vision is a mental picture of a desired future, what picture does a man in his 80’s have on his dying bed? a future of health or death?’

Once your definition of the word ‘vision’ is wrong, your vision is wrong.

He told me, ‘Vision is who you are now by reason of what you see in the future‘.

He said, the day he decided to be wealthy, he changed his definitions and started to think like a billionaire.

How does a billionaire think? What do they do with money? How do they live? How do they make decisions?

I have always been a billionaire, Tomie. I became a billionaire in my mind, in my thinking and my decisions. You’re just seeing the manifestation today, but I have always been a billionaire

So you say you want to be wealthy. That’s a future statement, right?

That’s who you want to become.

However the truth is, if what you see yourself becoming in the future does not affect your decisions and character today, that vision is an illusion. (you need to read that again)

If the picture of wealth you see in the future does not affect your money habits, your choices and your association today, that picture of wealth is only an illusion.

and 10 years from now, you’ll keep saying ‘my vision is to be wealthy, that’s my mental picture’

You become a wealthy person in your mind, in your money habits and by association first before you actually become wealthy

He told me, poor people chase money but rich people chase knowledge. The more you learn the right things, the more you earn.

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Stop building illusions in the sky, *|FNAME|*

It’s time to take action.



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