In a bid to get me to do new things this year, my husband got me enrolled for swimming lessons.

While I have always wanted to learn how to swim, I really doubt I would have enrolled myself for the lessons.

and that’s because I am guilty of overthinking too often and I admit it keeps me stuck in one location most times.

Taking swimming lessons was one of those decisions I thought about long and hard, not because I didn’t want to learn how to swim but mostly, because I kept thinking about timing vis-a-vis all I had going on with work. I also did some opportunity cost analysis.

‘Overthinking’ is exactly what it means; thinking too much instead of acting and doing things. When we analyze, comment, repeat the same thoughts over and over again instead of taking action, we are overthinking.1

This addictive habit prevents us from taking action. It consumes our energy, disables our ability to make decisions, and puts us on a loop of thinking and thinking over and over again.2

It’s like driving around a traffic circle (also known as a roundabout) over and over again, stressing about the best route to take to your destination and never taking an exit.

When we overthink, we’re more likely to stress out, worry and not make progress.

Thankfully, I got the push to start taking swimming lessons but once I started my lessons, I realized overthinking actually affects us in so many ways.

I couldn’t float!

I kept trying to keep my feet on the floor in the pool. I thought I would sink if I let go to try to float.

I didn’t trust the water to keep me afloat. (Sounds hilarious, but true story…men!)

Thankfully, I have a patient teacher who kept on nudging me to face my fears and make progress with letting go to actually start swimming.

Class after class, I have continued to make progress and now I swim the full length of the pool doing my glides, kicks and using my arms. I almost cannot believe it.

This is why when I got the feedback below from a member of the Green Club, it really resonated with me.

Before I joined the Green Club, I had just concluded a discussion with a colleague that I needed to invest my money because I was expecting a huge sum soon and didn’t want to waste the money.

He promised to get back to me and he did by sending me a link to Tomie’s blog and went a step further to insist I joined The Green Club to be in a community of like-minded individuals.

The Green Club was a light at the end of the tunnel because I was at a stage where I needed to take control of my finances.I never used to be a wasteful spender but with age and change of status, responsibilities increased, and I fell of track.

Since joining the green club, I feel well informed and confident enough to take investment decisions. The video sessions were all very enlightening and I met amazing people that have turned friends.

At first glance, you might think this is only about joining the green club but if you read it again, it is about so much more.

  • It’s about having an open honest conversation with a friend who gave her a nudge in the right direction 
  • It’s about being open to suggestions from someone you respect – even when you’re not absolutely sure
  • It’s about being honest with herself and her current financial habits and choosing not to settle 
  • It’s about getting into the right circle to learn and meeting the right people who became friends on her investing journey


We need more open conversations about money and more people taking ownership of their finances

and more importantly, we need more people knowing that when they feel uncomfortable about their current financial situation, they are not alone.

I needed a nudge to start taking swimming lessons, just like she needed a nudge in the right direction to make better money decisions. Thankfully, we both got the nudge we needed.

So if you needed a nudge to do something different with your money this year, this is your nudge.

Don’t keep waiting. Waiting and overthinking is a trap. It just keeps you going around in circles.  Trust me, I know all about it. (Been there. Got the certificate)

If you’re ready to stop overthinking ,Sign up to join the Green Club by taking advantage of the early bird offer this weekend. The cost to join us goes up by Monday.

If you feel the Green Club is not right for you now. That’s also Ok. Clarity is power and I’m all for clarity as long as you’re not overthinking.

Have a great weekend!


P.S. So, right after I got used to swimming the length of the pool (Follow me on Instagram to see me swimming here), I had a panic event that made me start overthinking again. I’ll share that in the concluding part to this post soon. Also this month, I only read two books. It was a really busy month…..(Haha…No, I’m not making excuses). I promise I’ll share my book review post soon as well. Next week, I’m digging into the performance of mutual funds so stay tuned.