What do I invest in? [Wrong question to ask when you’re clueless]

The question never grows old.

‘I have some money in my bank account, what do you think I should invest in?’

‘I want to invest but I do not want to lose my money, what can I invest in?’

I get these questions in my inbox every other day.

When I don’t, it’s probably a Sunday.

To be honest, It’s not a wrong question in and of itself

It’s just the wrong question to ask when you’re clueless about how to make investment decisions.

When you starting out as an investor, asking the wrong question will get  you a quick-fix answer

and quick fix answers are random and based on what’s popular or trending at the moment.


How to lose your money from a quick-fix recommendation

I had a private coaching session with a client some time ago, and he shared with me how when he asked a friend the question, ‘what do I invest in?’ a couple of years ago, he got a quick-fix recommendation to invest in an investment opportunity

Based on his friend’s recommendation, he took out all of his life savings to invest in that opportunity. He had no plan for his life savings and thought it could be a great way to earn good returns. He went ahead to invest and guess what happened?

He made a quick loss and lost all his money.

Moral of the story – Stay away from quick-fix recommendations, you might just lose all your life savings.


What’s the right question to ask?

The right question to ask is ‘How do I invest?’

How do I invest based on my goals in life? How do I invest If I plan to retire at a certain age?

How do I invest to  make sure I do not have to work for the rest of my life?

How do I invest based on my risk bias?

During the yuletide season, most of us get extra income windfalls and that’s when we ask the eager question, what do I invest in?

Today’s post is a quick reminder that investing is not a product or quick fix opportunity, it is a plan.

If you have an investment plan, good for you.

If you don’t, here’s a quick class. There are three fundamental choices or reasons why people invest;

  1. They invest to be safe
  2. They invest to be comfortable
  3. They invest to be rich

According to Robert Kiyosaki, all three choices are important. The difference occurs in the way we prioritize our choices.

Most of us make our investment choices in the exact order outlined above i.e. Our first choice when it comes to making an investment decision is security, the second choice is comfort and the final choice is to be rich.

There are no hard or fast rules on how you choose to prioritize your choices. The order you choose to place your choices is a personal decision however, be mindful of the following points

Security comes in different forms but the most popular form is job security. I always meet people who make job security a key priority, but is there any such thing as ‘job security’?. I don’t think so but that’s an article for another day.

If security is a priority for you, find a balance by putting your money to work in safe securities so you don’t have to depend on income from a job all your life.

Research shows that people who make security and comfort their first and second choices always look for quick fixes to get rich. They want to earn high returns immediately but it hardly ever works that way. A few people do get rich on a lucky investment but after a few years, they lose it all

If your first priority is to get rich, note that being ‘rich’ is a personal definition. Your definition of  wealth depends, to a large extent, on your background and vision for your future.

Whatever it is, own your definition and note that the difference between a dream and a goal is a date.

Take advantage of this season to set your priorities and set investment goals

To be secure, comfortable or rich are all personal core values. One is not better than the other. The choice you make will, however, have a long-term impact on the kind of life you choose.

So work through your feelings and choose wisely.


Warm regards



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