How do I invest if I do not make a ton of money?

Saving money you worked hard to earn is not an easy task.

There is always something to do with money; You can get new shoes, a new gadget, pay off debt or just simply spoil yourself with a little gift or delicious treat

Finding enough to Invest out of what you earn can be an even tougher task,

especially when you barely have enough to get by or

simply have too many bills to pay.

I got the question below some weeks ago and it really resonated with me;

When I worked 9-5, I focused on getting disciplined with my expenses and making investment a bill.

I guess I was willing to make the sacrifice, because I had a lot of regret about how I had spent money, when I had no major responsibility and could have saved a lot more.

I transitioned into being an entrepreneur recently and It came with a different burst of reality. I needed to work twice as hard to keep up with my previous investing habits.

Not an easy reality to face. but one I decided to face with gusto.

If you’re currently in this position, you should embrace it and not give up on making it work.

It might seem challenging right now but you can’t afford to give up on becoming financially independent. That’s the only way you won’t grow old and wish you had not tried at least a little.

How do you get yourself on the path to investing?

First, you’ll need clarity. 

What problem can you solve? What gap can you fill in the universe?

When I asked these questions, I didn’t get my answers immediately and you won’t either.

You will try out different things, dabble into a couple of things and keep evolving until, a nice cool summer day, when it will all finally come together in a flash of bright sparks

and then you’ll know what value you can contribute to the world around you

Don’t look down on any idea. Today, we have people who live on income they earn from being a dating coach, teaching charisma to introverts or just being popular on social media.

Literally anything is possible today, if you can think and create. (Click here to read how these two professionals got their business ideas)

It doesn’t have to be an original entrepreneurial idea.  You can check out ideas not available in your country or neighborhood but are thriving elsewhere , partner with an existing business, or just offer advice for a fee.

It doesn’t have to be a business either, you can build the skills or connection to get into a better professional role that pays you better.

Next step is to get creative. 

What value can you create that someone is willing to pay for?

Note the use of words, ‘value someone is willing to pay for‘ . That’s what an opportunity is.

Don’t be like the person who created a mobile application for lawyers to share case files, only to find out after launching the application that lawyers don’t share case files.

Seek the right opportunity and when you find one, keep peeling. Opportunity is like an onion, you’ve got to keep peeling till you get to the last slice of skin and pick up the next onion right next to it.

Recently, I got into a conversation with a lady who was working really hard to pay off her debt, resign and set up her own business.

Once we got talking, I made her see how she didn’t need to keep waiting till she paid off her debt or put together all the capital required for the business. She could start establishing demand for what she planned to sell on the side and get those who are interested to start making pre-orders and she would be in business.



Don’t forget to build capacity to sustain your drive

Our world is constantly changing so you’ll need to keep learning and staying current on trends within your industry

The internet offers access to anything; free information, free or paid courses, experts. Basically, all you need if you’re interested in gaining more knowledge.

Don’t use the internet only for social media. Keep learning, keep growing. It all adds up eventually when you need it to.

Finally, get into the right environment or network

Stay glued to the right network to get inspired to create and keep creating value. Nothing makes as much as big a difference as getting influenced with the right thinking.

I firmly believe our minds are our only limiting factor. That’s why I am always on the quest to break limited thinking.

In summary, don’t ever feel like you’re powerless.  You are you and that is your power.

Your personality, your life experiences, your wit, humor, skills ; They are all perfect for a particular problem or gap. Simply keep an open-minded so you can recognize an opportunity when you see it

Nothing happens until you make a decision to do things different and work towards creating the life you want.

Get clarity, get creative, build the capacity you need to succeed and get into the right network.

Each step is really important on this journey and can make all the difference to the rest of your life.

You might not have a ton of money to invest now, but you can get yourself into a position to eventually have a ton of money to invest.

Don’t give up because it seems tough. Keep going till you get better.


P.s. You can send me all your questions and I’ll do a post to answer them every month for the benefit of a bigger audience. 

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