Feeling uninspired? Say this to yourself..

Guess who’s back?

What can I say? This image captures how I feel getting back to writing you e-mails, after 4 weeks!

One of the things I’ve been studying lately is the relationship between how we think and the financial outcome we experience in life.

A startling difference between most of us, is the kind of world we see; some of us see abundance while others see scarcity.

When we see abundance, we think differently, we are willing to take risks and are optimistic about the future.

However, if we see scarcity, all we do is seek security; job security, friendship security, money security and all what not

We don’t realize that seeking for security leads to more scarcity

Tough but true.

So anytime you find yourself feeling uninspired about life, believing there will never be enough,

hoarding knowledge, always being suspicious or just being pessimistic about the future,

Check your vision of the world.

Over the past week, this is all I’ve been telling myself and trust me, when I say it changes everything.

So, ., here’s a little reminder to help you get through the rest of the year, just in case you’re currently feeling like you’ve fallen short.

Don’t be average.

Choose to see and think differently

and you’ll get different results.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be writing a series titled  – don’t be an average investor.

What does it mean to be an average investor?

hmm..I’ll give you a teaser, average investors always think they are in a race when that’s not the case at all

Stay tuned for the rest of the series.

Till next week.

Don’t forget to think different.

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