Fasten your seat belts (Literally!)


‘Good morning Ladies and gentlemen, this is the pilot. Due to a mechanical failure, we’re sorry we will not be taking off on our trip as scheduled. We hope to resolve this issue within an hour. Kindly bear with us’

Those are words you never want to hear when you board a flight going back to your home country

It took a lot of resolve to stay calm, with two young children  who kept asking  me questions. ‘Mummy, what’s going on?’  ‘When are we going to blast off?’

We woke up bright and early, that morning,  to catch a 6.am flight back home. After being away from our home country for 3 weeks, we were home sick and couldn’t wait to be back in our own beds.

An hour later, the pilot comes on again with an announcement, saying

Ladies and gentlemen, please accept our sincere apologies but the issue has not yet been resolved. We are working hard to ensure it is resolved and we think it will take us another hour to get it fixed. Kindly bear with us’

Thankfully, my children are asleep at this time so I didn’t have to keep answering questions

2 hours stretched into 3 hours

3 hours into 4 hours

At this point, I wasn’t sure I wanted to take this flight anymore.

What if ,out of frustration, the engineers patch things up and decide to ‘manage’ the issue and something happens? Hmm….I can’t say I didn’t see the signs if anything goes wrong while on the flight.

I noticed there was pin-drop silence on the plane and looking around, I saw that most of us , the passengers, were simply staring into space. Those who were not staring were asleep.

We were stuck in a place of movement.

What do you do when you feel stuck?

The options we had were to get off the plane and insist on boarding a different plane, but that didn’t seem like an option as the our hostesses insisted we all stayed seated.

Feeling stuck, I tried to sleep but couldn’t.

Looking back now,  I understand why I felt stuck, I had ‘invested’ too much to let go so easily

I was scared but I was willing to sit tight and hope for the best.

and that’s exactly what we all do. We sit tight and hope for the best even when we know it’s not working.

Even we know we’ve been trying hard to stick to a bad habit, but it’s not working

Once we get into the ‘Ember’ months, we get a dose of motivation to finish the year strong or get ready to start the new year with a ‘bang!’

So we dive into setting big goals, get busy with vision board activities, only to find ourselves struggling to keep up after a few months

Here’s a truth bomb for you – The goals we set are different from the actions that will help us achieve those goals.

The actions required to achieve our goals depend on a change of lifestyle habits

Lifestyle habits help you become intentional about money, your investment decisions and help you stop leaving financial choices to chance.

Increasing your net worth by x% or gaining financial freedom in 5-10 years are great goals, however, changing your daily spending habits and putting your money to work is what will help you achieve this.

Audacious goals are great.

They provide direction,

but they can become so overwhelming that they make you give up easily or believe you cannot achieve it.

It is the deliberate habit of tracking your spend, making investment a bill, making investment decisions based on your new knowledge that will make your goal a reality.

That’s exactly what we dive into in the green club. It’s not too late to join us.

Click here to sign up and let’s get ready to hit the road running, come January 2018

I really hope you don’t stay stuck in a place of movement


P.S Thankfully, we made it back to our home country safe but it was a scary flight. I have decided not to let fear keep me in that position again.





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