Fast & Furious vs. Slow & Steady

I love most of the movies in the Fast & Furious series

The movie scenes capture so much emotion and excitement, I always find myself literally holding on to the edge of my seat till the movie ends.

Now, if you ask me, I think some of the movies have really exaggerated scenes.

Like driving a Ferrari out of an exploding plane,

or narrowly winning a street car race with your engine on fire.

Nah…there are just some things you know you had better not try in your backyard.

I guess that’s why Hollywood is the land of dreams and the rest of us get to see those dreams played out in movies

Personally, I think they push my thinking and understanding of basic things, such as what a car can do…(Yes, I kinda low-key like cars..lol)

However, we live in a real world, so we must always seek a balance so we don’t end up in dire circumstances.

Same thing with investing

When we read inspiring stories of wealthy billionaires who built multi-million dollar businesses or invested their way to wealth, we must remember the balance between dreams and reality.

What’s a fake dream?

Spending money on things you know you can’t afford and yet hoping to be wealthy or

Thinking you’re in a rat race and always looking out the window to compare your car to the next car, failing to notice your engine is on fire.

It’s great to have dreams. but spicing it up with vision and action, that’s the real deal

Vision requires that you know exactly what you want
and let your decisions and actions actively lead you to achieve that vision.

However, as you chase your vision, remember that Investing is not a race, where you get off your mark, dash off on a sprint to the finish line,

and decide to take a break for the next 3 years because you don’t feel like investing.

That’s what average investors do.

They get inspired, go fast and furious in the direction of vision and eventually lose steam

Investing is a plan.

A steady and consistent plan to take you from point A to point B, knowing that even if you need to make some stops, you are still fully on course to your dream destination

The plan gets interesting when you have friends/partners to go on that journey with you, so you don’t get lonely or give up when life throws you onions.

That’s why investment clubs rock.

You don’t get to walk alone.

Think about it this way, when you see yourself at your dream destination, who do you see celebrating with you?

Family? friends? colleagues? business partners?

Think about it this weekend as you get ready for the coming week

and send this email to those you see celebrating with you

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