2017 was a really interesting year for me.

I started the year a little shaky with the transition into becoming an entrepreneur

Has it been an easy-peasy ride? No

Do I regret the move? Absolutely not.

For what it’s worth, It has been a rewarding experience and I learnt a lot about myself.

Here are three things I learnt this year,

Relationships matter.

Whoever said networking is an essential part of wealth building knew exactly what she was talking about.

Every opportunity I took advantage of this year came as a result of a relationship I had nurtured for at least 6 months or more.

For instance, ARM, a leading investment bank in Nigeria, partnered with me for my HTI workshop held in April as a result of an introduction by a friend. I also got a client lead after I volunteered to help out on a project in church.

Reflecting on this, I plan to network effectively in 2018 in a way that adds value to me and everyone else I build a relationship with.

My advice – Don’t take your network for granted in 2018.Think creatively about ways to add value and receive value.

That client lead or business opportunity you’re praying hard for might just happen based on simply adding value to a relationship in your network.

Your challenges force you to be creative

at least mine did.

I started off the year consulting for corporate clients and I was comfortable.

I earned comfortable income from my consulting gig and everything was fine

Until it didn’t work for me anymore. I got tired of trading time for money.

I was putting my money to work but I knew I had to create a way to earn income that I didn’t have to trade time for.

I took this as a challenge, especially because my income from consulting wasn’t regular. (Consultants know how this works *wink).

One day, I got an eureka moment looking through all the emails I received with requests to start an accountability group. I created the green club and till date, I have worked with 55 ambitious people who joined the green club.

Reading through client testimonials at the end of the pilot program was a heart warming experience. I am grateful for the transformation they experienced in different ways.

Earning over $4,000 from that idea wasn’t bad as well.

Can you imagine not earning $4,000 because I did not experience a challenge? That was cash sitting on the table.

and I earned it from solving a problem, sharing my knowledge and reaching out to my network to come on board to share knowledge as well (Relationships again!)

Now I have a ‘bring on the challenge’ attitude, as long as it helps me grow and earns me income.

My advice; Don’t run away from challenges in 2018. Run to the roar! Focus on getting something out of every experience.

Setting goals and achieving goals are two extreme ends of the rope

I had big investment goals this year. A girl’s got to dream, right? Haha

Well, let’s just say I was on a journey but I took some wrong turns and found myself stuck in some really bad potholes. Yuck!

I am changing my approach to setting goals in 2018. I plan to be deliberate about my investment goals this year.

My journey came with priceless lessons.  Some of which I share in the green club curriculum.

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Don’t be afraid to make bold moves.

He who watches the wind will not sow. You have the power so quit watching the wind.